UskoMus Info

UskoMus is a research network established in February 2010 by the departments of musicology and comparative religion at the University of Turku and at Åbo Akademi University. The purpose of UskoMus is to induce transdiciplinary scholarly discussion on various aspects concerning the relations between music and belief systems.

UskoMus maintains also its own electronic mailing list at In order to subscribe to the list, please visit UskoMus email list web page.

UskoMus is not affiliated with any particular musical or religious practice.


The founding organisations of UskoMus are the Department of Musicology and the Department of Comparative Religion at the University of Turku and the Department of Comparative Religion and the Department of Musicology at Åbo Akademi University in Turku. Currently UskoMus is administered at Music Archive Finland, Helsinki.

International advisory board: Mark Evans (Maquarie University), Keith Kahn-Harris (Birkbeck College), Annemette Kirkegaard (University of Copenhagen), Mark LeVine (University of California Irvine), Clive Marsh (University of Leicester), Jonas Otterbeck (Lund University), Graham St John (Griffith University), Rupert Till (University of Huddersfield), Nabeel Zuberi (University of Auckland).

For further information on UskoMus, please contact Music Archive Finland.


UskoMus activity has been supported financially by:

  • The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies
  • The Finnish Doctoral Programme of Music Studies
  • Music, Multiculturality and Finland” research project (Academy of Finland, 2014–18)
  • Oskar Öflund Foundation