“Music and Islam” videos online

The talks at the IV UskoMus Symposium, “Music and Islam”, can be found online on the YouTube channel of Music Archive Finland. Check out all of them, or one by one:

Opening by Antti-Ville Kärjä (19 min).

Opening keynote: “The Glocality of Islamic Popular Music” by Ayhan Erol (64 min).

The Transformative Power of Music in Indian Sufism” by Mikko Viitamäki (35 min).

The Movement and Development of Musical Instruments at Early Islamic Age” by Idriss El Thalji (38 min).

Islam, Faith, No-Self and the Ney” by John Millar (41 min).

Closing keynote: “The Awakening of Islamic Pop” by Jonas Otterbeck (73 min).

Closing discussion (52 min).

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